Welcome to the Scatihead WikiEdit

This wikapedia is about a TF2 Freak Named, Scatihead, in the color of a cactus. Scatihead was a ordinary blue scout, walking in the desert. He was dying for thirst, so he ripped open a cactus and drinked the slime out of it. He had this weird dizzy feeling, and after 5 minutes, he did not even notice he turned into a gooey Green Colored scout. After a couple of days, he was able to get water himself from his so-special body, and was able to pull out spikes from his body for defence.

Information about this Gooey Colored ScoutEdit

Scatihead is a Freak that can

☀ create and manipulate cactus's

☀ can use his Spiky cactus's as a weapon

☀ angering him can also lead you to being spiked by over 9000 cactus's.. painful, huh?

Latest activityEdit

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